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Zigi is a personal assistant designed for developers to increase workflow efficiency and productivity by automating non-coding tasks.

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Introducing, Zigi for businesses

Zigi is an innovative AI-powered personal assistant meticulously crafted to elevate the productivity of developers by automating non-coding tasks and optimizing workflow efficiency. As a valuable addition to the developer's toolkit, Zigi seamlessly integrates with popular software platforms like Slack, Jira, and Github, providing a unified and comprehensive solution for task management and collaboration.

Key Features:

• Automated Task Management: Automate non-coding tasks to streamline workflow efficiency.
• Integration with Popular Platforms: Seamlessly integrate with Slack, Jira, Github, and more.
• Comprehensive Task Overview: Provide developers with a centralized overview of all tasks.
• Real-Time Collaboration: Foster collaboration among team members with relevant updates.
• Personalized Settings: Allow developers to customize notification types and frequency.
• Ideal for Growing R&D Departments: Tailored for developers working with multiple functions.
• Easy Installation and Low Administrative Overhead: Save time and resources during setup.
• Privacy and Security Policy: Prioritize data privacy and protection.

Use Cases:

• Task Management and Collaboration: Streamline task management and foster real-time collaboration.
• Automating Non-Coding Tasks: Free up time for developers to focus on coding and innovation.
• Prioritizing Tasks: Help developers prioritize high-priority tasks for efficient workflow.
• Balancing Non-Coding Tasks: Achieve a seamless balance between non-coding tasks and coding work.

Zigi empowers developers with an AI-driven personal assistant, elevating their productivity and efficiency while promoting seamless collaboration. From automating non-coding tasks to providing a complete task overview and personalized settings, Zigi is the ultimate solution for developers seeking to optimize their workflow and focus on driving innovation.

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