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NaturalReader is a text-to-speech solution that converts text, PDFs, and other formats into spoken audio


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Introducing, NaturalReader for businesses

NaturalReader is an advanced text-to-speech solution designed for personal, commercial, and educational use. With its powerful AI technology, it can seamlessly convert text, PDFs, and various document formats into natural-sounding spoken audio, providing users with the ability to listen to their content instead of reading it.

Key Features:

• AI-Based Text-to-Speech: Converts text and various document formats into natural-sounding spoken audio.
• Cross-Platform Compatibility: Available as a web application, mobile app, and Chrome extension for convenient access.
• Commercial Studio: Allows users to create voice-overs with emotions and effects for business use.
• Natural AI Voices: Highly natural and human-like voices for enhanced comprehension and accessibility.
• Dyslexia Support: Features a dyslexia font and highlighted text for improved reading experiences.

Use Cases:

• Personal Use: Enables individuals to listen to documents and ebooks for better comprehension and convenience.
• Commercial Use: Empowers businesses to create engaging voice-overs for various content purposes.
• Educational Use: Assists students and teachers in enhancing accessibility and comprehension of educational materials.

NaturalReader is a versatile and reliable AI-powered text-to-speech solution that caters to the needs of various users, from individuals seeking assistance with reading to businesses and educational institutions looking to provide accessible and engaging content. Its intuitive features, natural AI voices, and broad user base make it a leading choice in the text-to-speech market.

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