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Introducing, Digest Diff for businesses

DigestDiff is a software that helps users learn from commit history using AI. It provides AI-driven tools that rely only on commit history, not code, to tell the stories of progress, collaboration, and evolution in a codebase's commit history. The software prioritizes privacy and ensures that sensitive data is kept secure. It offers features such as codebase overviews, recap of recent work, and creation of release notes. Users can try the software for free on public or private GitHub repositories and can connect with GitHub for seamless integration. DigestDiff also provides a FAQ page for additional information and a feedback option for users to get in touch.

Key Features:

• AI-driven tools for analyzing commit history
• Privacy-focused approach
• Codebase overviews
• Recap of recent work
• Creation of release notes
• Integration with GitHub
• Free trial on public or private GitHub repositories
• FAQ page
• Feedback option

Use Cases:

• Developers who want to gain insights from commit history
• Teams looking to accelerate onboarding by understanding the codebase's history
• Individuals who want to summarize their recent work for standups, retrospectives, or reports
• Software teams in need of automated release notes
• Users who value privacy and want to keep their code secure

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