Bitloops is a next-generation open-source software development platform.


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Introducing, Bitloops for businesses

Bitloops is an open source backend development platform that is built from the ground up for quality and productivity. It allows users to build, deploy, and maintain software 10x faster using best-in-class software architecture and design patterns.

Key Features:

• High-performance custom code

• Low-code user interface

• Inherent software design & architecture principles

• Business logic & rules abstraction

• Use Case and Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) features

• Built-in Test-Driven Development (TDD) capabilities

• Effective debugging & error-handling

• Intuitive (TypeScript syntax) opinionated OO language

• Designed around hexagonal architecture

• Domain-driven design (DDD) inspired classes

• Auto boilerplate code generation

• Transpiles to TypeScript (no vendor lockin)

• Collaboration features like Google Docs-like experience, detailed governance & access capabilities, user story and behaviors definition, effective onboarding and “on-the-job” training

• Integration capabilities to access databases, import TypeScript libraries and packages, integrate with 3rd party systems, connect legacy systems and extend services, and handle file storage, authentication, and hosting without vendor lock-in

• Deployment features like environment management & version control, Bitloops Cloud for production deployment, ability to deploy to GCP, AWS, Azure, or own server, build CI/CD pipeline with abstracted business layer, scale horizontally automatically, and switch between modular monolith or microservices architecture

• Optimization features like SLA definition for anomaly detection & alerts, automatic service discovery & application dependency mapping, built-in secrets management and distributed tracing, and easy configuration of logging, analytics, and other metrics

• Additional enterprise-grade features like governance for managing development teams' access rights, observability for tracking and monitoring the backend, object-level security for end-to-end security & granular condition data management, data caching for boosting performance, rate limiting for managing API consumption, message queues for asynchronous processing, and design principles like CQRS and Event Sourcing

• Tools and services for building and deploying backends, including databases (Postgres, MongoDB), authentication and user management, custom code and APIs, cloud deployment, realtime pub/sub services, and storage for files, images, and videos

Use Cases:

• Teams of 5-1000 developers

• Solo developers

• Building high-quality software faster

• Backend development

• Custom and low-code development

• Collaborative software development

• Integration with databases and 3rd party systems

• Deployment to production

• Optimizing and managing backend resources

• Building large-scale applications with additional support

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