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Significantly reduce data storage and access costs for AI training.

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Introducing, Granica for businesses

Granica AI Efficiency Platform introduces a groundbreaking solution aimed at revolutionizing the way data is stored and accessed for AI training. This developer-first platform addresses the challenges of managing petabyte-scale data, offering compatibility with leading cloud providers like AWS and GCP.

Key Services and Features:

• Crunch and Screen Services: Granica offers Crunch for efficient data processing and Screen for powerful data detection capabilities.
• Byte-Granular Data Reduction: A standout feature, this technology reduces data storage and transfer costs by up to 80% through specialized compression algorithms optimized for Amazon S3 and Google Cloud Storage.
• API Cost Reduction: The platform can decrease API costs by up to 90%, contributing to substantial savings.
• Byte-Precise Detection: Ensures precise detection of personally identifiable information (PII) and sensitive data in storage, enhancing data privacy and security at a fraction of the traditional cost and effort.
• Seamless Integration: Granica integrates seamlessly into existing environments, respecting security policies and allowing data to remain within the company's infrastructure.
• Wide Data Type Support: The platform accommodates various data types, including images, LiDAR data, clickstreams, and logs.
• Customization: Granica can be tailored to specific use cases, making it suitable for diverse applications.

User Benefits:

• Cost Savings: By reducing data storage, transfer, and API costs, Granica offers companies substantial cost savings.
• Efficiency Boost: Efficient data processing and detection services enhance overall data management and AI training processes.
• Enhanced Data Security: Byte-Precise Detection ensures sensitive data is protected at a fraction of the traditional cost.
• Seamless Integration: Granica integrates smoothly into existing environments, respecting security protocols and policies.
• Scalability: The platform is equipped to handle petabyte-scale data, catering to growing data needs.
• Customizable: The platform's flexibility allows it to be customized for specific data types and use cases.


The Granica AI Efficiency Platform is a game-changer in the realm of AI data storage and access. With its advanced data reduction techniques, cost-saving capabilities, and focus on data privacy and security, it offers a comprehensive solution for managing and accessing data efficiently. By integrating seamlessly and catering to diverse data types, Granica empowers developers and enterprises to optimize their AI training while enjoying scalability, security, and significant cost savings.

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