Best AI Tools for Documentation in 2024

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AI tools for documentation are intelligent solutions designed to make your document management tasks easier and more efficient. This article provides an overview of the top such tools available this year that can help businesses streamline their workflow and improve productivity.

By leveraging artificial intelligence technology in managing your documents, you can achieve greater accuracy and save valuable time - all while reducing manual labor.

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While our {category} AI picks are based on reviews, trustworthy and stability, we may show you some of the latest groundbreaking AI that is shaking up the scene.

1) Clickup

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Clickup is an AI productivity and task manager tool that enhances efficiency and saves time. It offers various features to streamline project management, optimize customer experiences, and accelerate documentation.

With ClickUp's AI, users can customize prompts and write about anything at any time. The tool also allows for role-specific AI prompts and the ability to extract key takeaways from lengthy content in seconds.

Users can turn word documents and to-do lists into actionable items and insights, and benefit from perfectly formatted content with pre-structured headers and tables. ClickUp also offers AI for creativity on demand, making it useful for brainstorming campaign strategies, feature naming, survey writing, event planning, marketing taglines, and more.

An alternative option to consider is Taskade.

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2) Abridge

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Abridge is a state-of-the-art medical AI tool that revolutionizes medical conversations, documentation, and patient engagement. With its ambient AI technology, Abridge can instantly summarize medical conversations in real-time, saving valuable time for healthcare professionals.

It generates comprehensive clinical documentation automatically, reducing the need for extensive note-taking. Abridge seamlessly integrates with top Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems, including EPIC integration and lightweight HL7 options.

Utilizing machine learning algorithms, Abridge creates complete SOAP note drafts with accuracy and ethics in mind. It captures and transcribes medical conversations for easy reference and adheres to strict privacy and security standards to protect patient information.

Abridge improves patient understanding and engagement by providing actionable information and next steps. This cost-effective solution was developed with input from clinicians to meet the specific needs of healthcare providers.

Use cases include streamlining documentation for healthcare providers, enhancing EHR systems for organizations, helping patients better understand their healthcare journey, and offering innovative and cost-effective medical AI solutions for CMIOs.

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3) Suki AI

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Suki AI is an innovative AI-driven voice assistant designed specifically for healthcare professionals. It simplifies and speeds up administrative tasks, allowing clinicians to focus more on patient care.

Key features of Suki AI include AI-powered automation, automated note creation, diagnosis code selection, integration with electronic health records (EHR), time and energy savings, cross-device functionality, and cost-effectiveness. This tool is ideal for efficient documentation, increased productivity, accurate diagnosis codes, easy retrieval of EHR data, time and cost savings, and convenient use across multiple devices.

By reducing administrative tasks, Suki AI improves efficiency and enhances the overall patient care experience. It is also easy to integrate into existing systems, making it a valuable asset in the modern healthcare landscape.

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4) AI Lawyer

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AI Lawyer is an innovative platform that revolutionizes the legal field. This next-generation tool simplifies the complexities of law, providing instant legal help without the need for expensive consultations or deciphering complicated legal terminology.

With AI Lawyer, users can ask questions, draft legal documents, and compare and review them all in one convenient place. It caters to both individuals and lawyers in firms, supporting laws from any country and available in any language.

The platform is fast, accessible, private, and cost-effective, saving valuable time by eliminating the need to visit a lawyer's office or wait for appointments. With AI Lawyer, communication is done in natural language for accurate results, and it accepts PDFs up to 100 pages in size.

This tool offers the future of legal research and assistance right in the palm of your hand.

Key points:
• Simplifies the world of law
• Provides instant legal help without expensive consultations or deciphering legal jargon
• Allows users to ask questions, draft legal documents, and compare/review them in one place
• Designed for individuals and lawyers in firms
• Supports laws from any country and available in any language
• Fast, accessible, private, and cost-effective platform
• Saves time by eliminating the need to visit a lawyer's office or wait for appointments
• Communicate in natural language for accurate results
• Accepts PDFs up to 100 pages in size
10. Offers the future of legal research and assistance in the palm of your hand.

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Try For Free is an AI tool that empowers users with generative AI and synthetic data capabilities.

It allows users to generate high-quality synthetic data, perform privacy-preserving transformations on sensitive data, and identify personally identifiable information (PII) using advanced natural language processing (NLP) detection. Key features of include generative AI for synthetic data, privacy-preserving transformations, PII identification with NLP, fine-tuning custom AI models using Gretel's APIs, comprehensive APIs for safe data generation, access to documentation and resources, and the ability to run Gretel containers in your own environment or scale out workloads to the cloud.

Use cases for include data scientists generating synthetic data for training AI models and conducting data analysis, privacy professionals performing privacy-preserving transformations on sensitive data, AI developers fine-tuning custom AI models, and organizations unlocking innovation and achieving more with safe access to the right data. provides a powerful AI tool for organizations and data scientists to generate synthetic data and unlock innovation while preserving privacy.

Key points:
• Uses generative AI and synthetic data.
• Performs privacy-preserving transformations on sensitive data.
• Identifies personally identifiable information (PII) using advanced NLP detection.
• Offers fine-tuning of custom AI models using Gretel's APIs.
• Provides comprehensive APIs for safe data generation and access to documentation and resources.
• Allows running Gretel containers in your own environment or scaling out workloads to the cloud.

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6) CustomGPT

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CustomGPT is an AI tool that allows you to build ChatGPT plugins and create custom chatbots for your business without the need for coding. With CustomGPT, you can make your business content more accessible to customers and stand out from the competition by avoiding generic responses to client queries.

It enables you to turn your website into a place for accurate and relevant conversations with customers, revolutionizing your business like never before. Some key points about CustomGPT include its ability to read help docs, documentation, and customer queries to provide the best answers in seconds, the option to respond in real time to make customers happy and lower customer support costs, and the capability to deploy your custom bot on your website through various methods such as embedding, LiveChat, and API integration.

Experience the game-changing power of CustomGPT Plugins and dominate the ChatGPT Plugin Store within minutes. Benefit from unmatched agility, accessibility, and cost-effectiveness while getting an elevated customer experience and protecting your brand's integrity.

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7) Super

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Super.AI's Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) tool is a powerful solution for automating business processes involving unstructured data.

It can handle various types of data, including documents, images, videos, audio, and text. By combining AI models, human workers, and software tools, Super.AI ensures efficient processing of each component.

The tool includes over 150 quality assurance mechanisms, providing consistent and reliable outcomes. Trusted by multiple industries, it offers a wide range of use cases such as claims document processing, damage assessment, and customer service quality checks.

Implementing Super.AI can improve customer experience, reduce operating costs, and mitigate risk.

With comprehensive resources and support, successful implementation is made easier.

Key points:
• Automates business processes involving unstructured data types.
• Utilizes a unified AI platform for handling different data formats.
• Combines AI models, human workers, and software tools for effective processing.
• Includes over 150 quality assurance mechanisms for consistent outcomes.
• Trusted by multiple industries with various use cases.
• Improves customer experience while reducing costs and risk.
• Provides comprehensive resources and support for successful implementation.

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8) OpalAi

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OpalAi is a robust AI tool designed for scanning large environments using LiDAR cameras. With its AI-enabled algorithm and user-friendly interface, OpalAi allows users to easily create accurate 2D floor plans, BIM models, and 3D visualizations.

The app offers texture and color customization options, on-device editing and measuring capabilities, and supports multiple sharing formats for easy collaboration. OpalAi incorporates AI algorithms to ensure high accuracy in measurements, making it an ideal solution for real estate professionals, construction companies, remodeling and interior design professionals, architects, and engineers.

Empowering users to scan large environments and generate precise visual representations, OpalAi revolutionizes the documentation process.

Key points:
• Powerful tool for scanning large environments with LiDAR cameras
• Creates accurate 2D floor plans, BIM models, and 3D visualizations
• AI-enabled algorithm and user-friendly interface
• On-device editing and measuring for real-time feedback and adjustments
• Supports multiple sharing formats for easy collaboration
• Incorporates AI algorithms for high accuracy in measurements
• Ideal for real estate, construction, remodeling, interior design, architecture, and engineering professionals.

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Try For Free is an advanced AI tool designed to extract valuable information from a wide range of documents.

With its cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology, it can handle text, data, handwriting, photos, and signatures from various document types worldwide. The integration with Cookiebot ensures improved user experience and data accuracy.

Its user-friendly interface makes navigation and usage effortless. Key features include business data extraction, identity verification, document management, financial tracking, handwritten data collection, and data analysis. simplifies the extraction process and enhances document processing.

Key points:
• Uses AI technology to extract valuable information from different types of documents.
• Integrates with Cookiebot for enhanced user experience and data accuracy.
• User-friendly interface for easy navigation and usage.

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10) Meya

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Meya is a chatbot platform that enables users to develop and deploy customer support services using BFML and Python programming languages. It offers a user-friendly chat interface and a developer console for custom code and integrations.

With seamless integrations, users can connect with messaging platforms, customer support providers, NLU tools, and more. The platform is scalable and customizable, allowing users to personalize chatbots according to their specific needs.

Meya provides extensive documentation and introductory guides for easy implementation. Users can try the platform with a 14-day free trial, no credit card required.

Use cases include building customer support chatbots, creating interactive chat applications, and utilizing event-oriented interactions. Meya's chatbot platform is ideal for businesses seeking to enhance customer support services and develop sophisticated and efficient chatbots.

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11) Mendable

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Mendable is an AI-powered search engine developed by SideGuide. It helps developers find answers to their queries efficiently.

The tool can be easily deployed with just one line of code and integrates seamlessly with popular platforms like Discord, Slack, and Github. Developers can customize the search bar and add it to their documentation or website.

Mendable provides reporting insights to help identify and address potential blockers. It is considering a transition to an open-source model in the future.

Use cases include quickly finding answers to technical questions, integrating a chat-powered search bar into developer documentation, improving the developer experience, and fostering collaboration within the developer community.

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12) AYLIEN News

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AYLIEN News is a powerful AI tool that provides access to global news content and data. It offers news aggregation, search, and monitoring capabilities, ensuring accurate and relevant results through its AI-powered news search.

With 1.4 million NLP enriched articles available daily, analysts can proactively identify, investigate, and monitor news using the Radar feature.

The tool also provides tagged and searchable news content for building intelligent applications and workflows. Trusted by renowned companies in finance, media, healthcare, and more, AYLIEN News enables informed decision making, augments risk monitoring processes, and offers powerful analytics for trend identification and visualization.

With comprehensive documentation and support, businesses and analysts can stay informed, make data-driven decisions, and gain a competitive edge.

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13) Parsio

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Parsio is an AI-powered tool that automates the extraction and processing of data from PDFs, emails, and other documents. With Parsio, you can effortlessly extract valuable data from various document types including invoices, business cards, and ID documents.

It features a powerful PDF parser and OCR capabilities, allowing for seamless information extraction from PDFs. Additionally, Parsio excels at table extraction, making it easy to extract data from tables with variable numbers of rows.

It also supports multiple languages, recognizing both handwritten and printed text in Latin and European languages. With its attractive pricing compared to competitors, Parsio is a cost-effective solution for automating data extraction and improving productivity.

Key points:
• Automates data extraction from PDFs, emails, and documents using AI.
• Efficiently extracts data from various document types, including invoices and business cards.
• Powerful PDF parser and OCR capabilities for seamless information extraction.
• Table extraction feature for extracting data from tables with variable row numbers.
• Supports multiple languages, recognizing both handwritten and printed text in Latin and European languages.
• Attractive pricing compared to competitors.

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14) Osher

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Osher is an AI tool designed to enhance team interaction with internal knowledge bases, documents, spreadsheets, and procedures. It can be utilized for customer support, business operations, and team collaboration.

Osher utilizes AI trained on your business data and internal knowledge base, supporting various file formats. Customization options are available, allowing you to align the AI with your brand's image in terms of personality, name, and color.

You have control over access to the AI, with options for private or public AIs and limitations based on domain. It can be easily embedded on your website or intranet.

Osher provides concise summaries on any topic it has access to. Future updates will include support for adding data from URLs, multi-user interactions, multi-user accounts for teams, and integration with Slack and Teams.

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15) Superluminal

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Superluminal is an advanced AI tool that acts as a copilot for data dashboards, transforming the way users engage with their data. With easy integration through just a few lines of code, it offers enhanced user experience through natural language queries and conversational interactions.

Superluminal handles complex tasks like context synthesis, code generation, and compute instance management, providing reliable and accurate answers in both text and visual formats. It also offers customization options for the user interface, multilingual support, and ensures data security through compliance with regulations and encryption.

With flexible pricing plans suitable for businesses of all sizes, extensive documentation, and tutorials for seamless integration, Superluminal guarantees efficiency, engagement, and a customizable user interface aligned with branding and design preferences. Emphasizing data security and protection, Superluminal is a top AI tool for documentation in 2024.

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16) Kaleido

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Kaleido is an AI-powered tool designed to streamline the product management process for development teams. It offers a unified workspace for collecting both quantitative and qualitative user feedback, making it easier to gather and analyze data.

Integration with ChatGPT enhances the tool's ability to detect common user problems. Kaleido's Atomic Research approach organizes user data in a way that facilitates easy analysis.

The tool also provides automatic reports that help identify critical requests and prioritize tasks. Additionally, Kaleido generates AI-powered specification drafts, saving time and streamlining documentation.

Overall, Kaleido empowers teams to make informed decisions, enhance transparency, and improve productivity in product management.

Key points:
• Unified workspace for collecting quantitative and qualitative user feedback
• Integration with ChatGPT for enhanced problem detection
• Atomic Research approach for organizing user data
• Automatic reports for identifying critical requests and prioritizing tasks
• AI-generated specification drafts for time-saving documentation

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17) Casehopper

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Casehopper is an AI-powered tool specifically designed to enhance legal drafting. With its AI assistance, it offers efficient revision of legal documents, making the process more streamlined and productive.

This tool also facilitates creative brainstorming for language and solutions, providing users with access to a comprehensive legal repository for ideas and inspiration. Casehopper seamlessly integrates into workflows through its web app and Word Add-in, ensuring easy implementation.

Confidentiality and secure handling of information are prioritized, respecting user data and terms. Use cases for Casehopper include improving the quality and relevance of legal documents, empowering users to create precise language and tailored solutions, and offering a wealth of legal resources for reference and inspiration.

By combining efficiency, innovation, and the power of AI, Casehopper transforms the landscape of legal drafting.

Key points:
• AI-powered tool for enhancing legal drafting.
• Efficient revision of legal documents using AI assistance.
• Facilitates creative brainstorming for language and solutions.
• Provides access to a comprehensive legal repository.
• Seamless integration into workflows with web app and Word Add-in.
• Prioritizes confidentiality and secure handling of information.
• Enhances the quality and relevance of legal documents.
• Empowers users to craft precise language and tailored solutions.
• Offers a wealth of legal resources for inspiration and reference.

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18) Agentive

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Agentive is an AI tool specifically designed to enhance audit testing and documentation processes. With Agentive, auditors can utilize natural language interactions to ask questions and execute procedures, resulting in accurate and comprehensive documentation generated within seconds.

The tool automates tasks, reducing manual labor and human errors, while also utilizing AI-powered analysis to quickly and accurately analyze large volumes of data. Additionally, Agentive offers copilot functionality, freeing auditors from repetitive tasks and facilitating efficient and accurate audit testing through natural language interactions.

Overall, Agentive creates a seamless integration between auditors and the tool, promising accuracy and time-saving brilliance.

Key points:
• Enhances audit testing and documentation processes
• Generates accurate and comprehensive documentation in seconds
• Automates tasks to reduce manual labor and human errors
• Utilizes AI-powered analysis to analyze large volumes of data quickly and accurately
• Offers copilot functionality to free auditors from repetitive tasks

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19) CourseGen

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CourseGen is a user-friendly web-based solution that revolutionizes course creation in education. With its accessible web platform, complex software installations are no longer necessary.

The intuitive interface simplifies course creation, eliminating technical complexities. CourseGen allows seamless integration of multimedia elements such as images, videos, and documents into courses.

JavaScript should be enabled for optimal functionality. User account management makes login and access to features effortless.

This tool enables effortless course generation without the need for technical proficiency, resulting in a rich learning experience that integrates diverse multimedia elements. The efficient course structure enhances comprehension and engagement.

Accessing CourseGen through web browsers ensures hassle-free engagement without software complications. Overall, CourseGen combines user-friendliness with impactful learning experiences, emphasizing intuitive accessibility and streamlined organization for knowledge dissemination.

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20) Blizzy AI

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Blizzy AI is an advanced AI-powered assistant designed specifically for marketing and sales strategies. With features that enhance productivity, creativity, and audience connection, this tool allows users to effortlessly generate engaging content using targeted prompts.

It also offers personalized content creation and enables secure browsing for accessing online resources safely. Users can organize documents and create a customized knowledge base within the platform, leading to streamlined marketing and sales processes for greater efficiency.

Blizzy AI empowers marketing and sales professionals with its advanced AI capabilities, enhancing strategies and productivity while prioritizing user privacy.

Key points:
• Advanced AI-powered assistant for marketing and sales strategies.
• Effortlessly generate engaging content using targeted prompts.
• Streamlines marketing and sales processes for greater efficiency.
• Enables secure browsing and access to online resources.
• Organize documents and create a customized knowledge base within the platform.

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21) Prosona

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Prosona is an AI tool specifically designed for knowledge workers in Slack. It allows users to access intelligent responses and optimize their expertise.

With a focus on privacy and security, Prosona ensures the protection of internal knowledge. By reducing routine queries, it enables employees to concentrate on their core responsibilities.

This scalable and efficient tool is suitable for businesses of all sizes. Prosona promotes documentation and preserves critical knowledge, even when employees leave the company.

It seamlessly integrates with various sources of knowledge, enhancing versatility and usability. Use cases for Prosona include efficient knowledge sharing, productivity enhancement, knowledge preservation, and seamless integration.

Empowering knowledge workers in Slack with intelligent responses, Prosona promotes efficiency, knowledge sharing, and productivity while maintaining a privacy-first approach for secure internal knowledge access. Its seamless integration and reliability make it valuable for businesses of any size.

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22) DocUp

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DocUp is an innovative AI-powered chatbot designed to optimize support flow and improve productivity. It offers seamless integration with custom support solutions, allowing for efficient customer assistance.

With the ability to train AI on different types of content, DocUp provides instant replies to customer questions, enhancing user experience. Its flexible pricing plans cater to diverse business needs.

Some key features of DocUp include providing instant answers on a website, integrating AI into support and documentation flow, training AI on various content, optimizing support flow, and reducing human intervention.

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23) LotseAI

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LotseAI is an innovative AI tool designed to enhance productivity in the workplace by combining documents and dialogue. This powerful tool helps organize and clarify cluttered information, streamlining your day and improving efficiency.

LotseAI seamlessly syncs with your data and provides citations for retrieved information. It also integrates with over 100 platforms, including popular tools like Notion, Google Docs, Hubspot, and Figma.

With its Augmented Retrieval Engine, LotseAI is particularly beneficial for Product Managers as it reduces stakeholder questions. Moreover, LotseAI's agents offer more than just document summarization; they enable task automation, providing a personalized performance experience and instant access to company knowledge and vendor details.

Key points:
• Combines documents and dialogue to improve productivity
• Organizes and clarifies cluttered information
• Syncs with data and provides citations
• Integrates with over 100 platforms
• Reduces stakeholder questions with its Augmented Retrieval Engine
• Enables task automation and personalized performance
• Instant access to company knowledge and vendor details.

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24) xMagic

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xMagic is an AI tool that revolutionizes documentation processes. With its natural language processing system, users can easily upload and store files.

The AI assistant learns from these documents to provide personalized assistance. Engage in a chat with your documents to receive insights and responses.

xMagic supports various file formats like PDFs, Notion, and TXT files, allowing you to create a personalized knowledge base for the AI assistant. Enjoy clear and intelligent summaries of documents and suggested questions.

Verify the accuracy of xMagic's answers with direct citations and page numbers. Its advanced AI capabilities enable it to understand and answer complex and nuanced questions.

Collaborative workspaces are also available for sharing and brainstorming on projects.

Key points:
• Upload and store files using xMagic's natural language processing system.
• AI assistant learns from uploaded documents to provide personalized assistance.
• Engage in a chat with your documents to receive insights and responses.
• Supports various file formats to create a personalized knowledge base.
• Get clear and intelligent summaries of documents and suggested questions.
• Verify accuracy with direct citations and page numbers.
• Advanced AI understands and answers complex and nuanced questions.
• Collaborative workspaces for sharing and brainstorming on projects.

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