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Automate data extraction from various documents, streamlining your business while cutting costs and boosting efficiency.

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Introducing, Parsio for businesses

Parsio automates the extraction and processing of data from PDFs, emails, and other documents using AI.

Extract valuable data: get only the most relevant information from PDFs, emails, and documents, but do it automatically, with Parsio's AI features.

Spend less time in your inbox and more time building your business. Save on Employee Costs: Reduce data entry staff with AI automation. It's easy to set up and then it's a case of "set and forget";.

• PDF Parser & OCR: Tune out the cacophony of manual data entry and let Parsio's AI-powered PDF parser take center stage, automating valuable information extraction. Parsio's repertoire includes templates for HARO, Airbnb, LinkedIn, and more.
• Any Document Type: Parsio performs seamlessly across various document types, including invoices, business cards, and ID documents. Decode an ensemble of file types, including PDF, HTML, XLSX, CSV, DOCX, XML, and TXT.
• Table Extraction: Parsio orchestrates data extraction from tables with variable numbers of rows, transforming chaos into harmony.
• Multi-language: Parsio's multilingual prowess recognizes handwritten and printed text in Latin and European languages.
• Attractive pricing: Parsio's maestro-level services come at a fraction of competitors' costs, making it the virtuoso your business needs.

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